Maintenance and Repairs

Whether you’re looking for basic maintenance or a specific repair, our tech experts can fix up your truck and get you back on the road fast.

Maintenance Done Right.

Since tuning development is constantly changing, we choose tuners that are committed to adapting and evolving with each new part. And, if your truck has been tuned by a different tuner, we can most likely help you too.


We’ll take care of your fleet, making sure your vehicles are always performing up to standards.

dealership diagnostic tools

We use GM MDI, Ford IDS and Chrysler wiTech 2.0 to provide the right diagnostics, calibrations and updates.

Information database

By accessing OE factory databases and ProDemand, we solve problems faster and smarter than ever before.

shop management system

Our system allows us to accurately predict and schedule upcoming services — keeping your truck running like new.

We tested them. We trust them.

Find your transmission parts and hundreds of other high performance products today.

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